Transforming pedagogy with mobile web 2.0


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This session reflects on the impact of over 30 mlearning projects between 2006 and 2011 illustrating how mlearning can be used as a catalyst to transform pedagogy from instructivist teacher-directed pedagogy to social constructivist pedagogy that bridges pedagogically designed learning contexts, facilitates learner generated contexts, and content (both personal and collaborative), while providing personalisation and ubiquitous social connectedness. The session outlines an mlearning implementation strategy, and illustrative case studies. Links to supporting material can be found at, and

Why MLearning?



A new Hierarchy of needs:
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1. What Type of Mobile Phone Do You Own?


Example AUT student responses 2011:
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Results of the poll of the TTLsummit2011 participants (Melbourne, Australia):


A Catalyst For Change:


A Framework For MLearning

Social Constructivism: enabling student-generated content and student-generated learning contexts


Example Scenarios

#icollab11: Facilitating International Collaboration

  • Cochrane, T., Bateman, R., Buchem, I., Camacho, M., Gordon, A., Keegan, H., et al. (2011, 14th-16th November). Mlearning 2.0: Fostering International Collaboration. Paper presented at the ICERI2011: International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Madrid, Spain.

Journalism 2.0


Interactive Mainstream Media

Author contact details

Dr Thomas Cochrane
Senior Lecturer,
Centre for Learning And Teaching (CfLAT)
AUT University
Twitter: @thomcochrane