4 x 2 hour Workshops
BYO smartphone/laptop/iPad and create an iTunes Store account or Android Play (formerly Android Market) account, as well as Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Storify accounts.

WiFi (Vodafone3G?)
Projector1: iPad via VGA adaptor
Projector2: MacBookAir with USB-ethernet connected to secondary projector via VGA, sharing Internet via Airport, iOS mirroring via AirServerApp for iPhone


9am Introductions and Workshop outline

Twitter Hashtag #mopit12

QR Code - download options: Search iTunes Store or Google Play

  • SMS ‘CODE’ to 710 to download enigma for camera phones
  • get Upcode http://www.upcode.mobi/
  • iPhone users: download the free app "QR App" from the iTunes Store
  • Android users: download the "Barcode Scanner" or "I-nigma" apps from Google Play

Presenter Info

9:10 Polleverywhere: BYOD: what devices do participants have? What devices do their students own?

WiFi & Wiki logins: http://thomcochrane.wikispaces.com/page/MLearningWorkshop
Participants create iTunes accounts and Twitter profiles - establish Twitter stream & Hashtag

9:25 MLearning Intro and example student-generated projects:

Think Different - Beyond teacher-generated content
2010-2012 eCV - iArchitecture - icollab11 & icollab12
2011-2012 ELVSS
2010-2012 The Smartshed, QRCodes and GSketchup, VODCasts
“@marett: Some excellent research papers about the use of iPads in education http://t.co/BglljIok #mlearning via @SNewco”

iPadagogy http://prezi.com/jbq5zn-1zdn5/
Mlearning Why?What?Where?How?

9:45 iPad Demos - Apogee Mic, Synthstation, Garageband to iMovie
Mobile Web 2.0 Framework

Critical Success factors

Support Framework

Productivity Apps:

iOS Myths

9:55 to 10:05am Break

10:05 Create your own:

Wikitude Layer:
e.g. http://bit.ly/DunedinCafes

Create your own QRCode at:http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/

Create Custom URLs and automatically generate QRCodes at:

Create Presentation QRCodes at:

Scenario Brainstorm - participants choose one MW2 tool each:

1. Qik
2. Instagram
3. Twitter
4. YouTube
5. tumblr or Posterous
6. Wordpress
7. Wikitude
8. polleverywhere
9. QRCodes
10. Soundcloud
11. RSS - news/blogfeed
12. Google+

10:45 Curate and share session social media via Storify on the iPad, create QRCode of shared URL