Research Context

The researcher has managed and implemented over thirty-five mlearning projects between 2006 and 2011. The focus of these mlearning projects has been on exploring the potential of mlearning as a catalyst for transforming pedagogy from instructivist lecturer-directed pedagogy to social constructivist pedagogy enabling student-generated content and student-generated contexts (heutagogy). The mlearning projects encompassed nine different tertiary courses, forming nine case studies spanning from one to four years of implementation and refinement, utilizing a range of wireless mobile devices (WMDs), and involved a total of 765 participants. During 2011 the mlearning projects were extended to include international collaboration between six higher education institutions across five countries within the icollab11 project, where the majority of participants used student-owned devices (SOD). The learning contexts have included:
  • Bachelor of Product Design (2006 using Palm Lifedrive, 2008 using Nokia N80, N95, and Apple iPhone 3G, 2009 using Nokia XM5800, N95, N97, 2010 using student-owned laptops and cameraphones, and Nokia N97)
  • Diploma of Landscape Design (2006 Using Palm TX, 2007 using Nokia N80, 2008 using Sonyericsson P1i, 2009 using Dell mini9 netbook, 2010 using Nokia XM5800)
  • Diploma of Contemporary Music (2008, 2009 using iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, 2010 using Apple iPad)
  • Bachelor of Architecture (2009, using Nokia XM5800 and Dell Mini9 netbook, 2010 using Android HTC Desire smartphones and Apple iPad1, 2011 using iPhone 4 and iPad1)
  • Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (2009 using Dell Mini9 netbook and Nokia XM5800, 2010 using Dell Mini9 netbook, Nokia XM5800, and Nokia N97, 2011 using iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, and iPad1)
  • Accountancy Law and Finance (2010 and 2011 using Apple iPad1)
  • Bachelor of Computing (2010 using Apple iPhone)
  • Bachelor of Graphic Design (2010 using Nokia XM5800 smartphone)
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (2010 using Apple iPad)
  • Icollab11: Bachelor of Acoustics, Salford University, UK (SOD)
  • Icollab11: Bachelor of Product Design, Sheffield-Hallam University, UK (SOD)
  • Icollab11: Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) AUT University, NZ, (SOD)
  • Icollab11: Bachelor of Sociology, Beuth University, Germany (SOD)
  • Icollab11: Master of Education, Tarragona, Spain (SOD)
  • Bachelor of Communications (Journalism), AUT University, NZ (SOD)
  • CfLAT Staff COP, AUT University

Figure 1 summaries the spread of the mlearning project contexts from 2006 to 2011
Figure 1.